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Annual exams

Lifecycle Women's Health can be your partner in routine preventive care, including: annual exams, breast exams, and Pap smear screenings. 

sexual health counseling

Sexual health is more than preventing disease or unplanned pregnancy. A satisfying and healthy sexual self is an essential component of your life. Some common health issues people may experience include changes in sexual desire, painful sex, difficulty having orgasms, and sexual issues associated with life events such as childbirth, aging, and chronic illness. Sexual health counseling is a short term, mind-body approach to sexual health problems that can incorporate education, lifestyle counseling, natural remedies, pelvic floor strengthening as well as medication into treatment.

sensitive pelvic examinations

Respectful and gentle care of people who have difficulty with pelvic exams or who are having their first exam.

birth control

Birth control counseling and prescribing of hormonal as well as barrier methods.  At this time we are not inserting IUDs or implants but can refer you to providers nearby.

Health counseling

Despite everything we know about improving health and wellness, no single method has been proven to work effectively for every body. Individualized health counseling will help you tap your resources and support your goals for attaining your best quality of life and health.

pre-pregnancy counseling

Although we do not provide midwifery services for people during pregnancy,  Lifecycle Women's Health can help with your health care needs leading up to this stage of your life. 

 breastfeeding issues

Treatment and counseling of breastfeeding concerns such as mastitis, low milk supply, sore nipples.

menstrual concerns

Sometimes your period is trying to tell you something. Your period is an important bodily vital sign. Any alteration may be the sign of an underlying issue. Some of the concerns we evaluate and treat related to your period and hormones include PCOS, PMS, irregular periods, periods that are too heavy or too light and painful periods.

care during peri-menopause and menopause

While menopause is “official” once menstruation ends, people can experience peri-menopausal symptoms for many years before this time. The whole process is a normal life event and not a disease state or deficiency in any way, but some people do experience changes during this time that can be life changing. Also, honoring and getting help for these changes before menopause will prevent health problems later in your life. Some common symptoms include hot flushes, vaginal dryness, mood swings, skin changes, sleep disturbances, foggy thinking, and anxiety and/or depression. Getting older is a time to celebrate your life and live it to the fullest. You have earned it. At Lifecycle Women’s Health we provide support for healthy lifestyles with nutrition and exercise counseling, stress management, non-invasive hormone salivary testing, bio-identical hormone treatment, as well as preventive health services such as bone density testing and cancer screening to help you optimize your health and feel your best.

sexually transmitted infection CARE 

Sexually transmitted infection screening and treatment is provided with sensitivity and with a focus on education and prevention.