Frequently Asked Questions


"I hope to answer some of your practice-specific questions on this page. If I haven't addressed your question here, please contact me." -Susan

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Lifecycle Women's Health Care Central Maine

Is lifecycle women's health a safe place?

The aim of Lifecycle Women's Health practice is to create a safe and inclusive space for everybody and every body who desires women’s health care.

Do you take insurance? 

Lifecycle Women's Health accepts insurance. Currently I am enrolled with Maine Care, Aetna, Medicare, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United, and Cigna.
Self-Pay is always an option as well. 

Self-Pay costs for health visits are as follows:

Initial health visit and annual exams: $150.00 . Follow up visits over 30 minutes: $125.00 . Follow up visits 30 minutes or less: $75.00

Please note that health counseling/coaching visits are usually not billable to insurance companies and require out of pocket payment. Initial visits are $150, and subsequent visits are $100/month which include 2-3 monthly in person or virtual visits.

How long is an appointment? 

Initial Visit & Annual Exams...1 Hour
Re-Evaluations...30 -60 Minutes

I always schedule one hour appointments. There are times when you will need more time than that, and other times you will need or want less, and we can schedule that accordingly.

Do you only take care of Women?

I was trained as a women’s health nurse practitioner and a certified nurse midwife. Taking care of people who identify as female, as well as people who were assigned female at birth is within my scope of practice.


As a certified nurse midwife in the state of Maine I am considered both a women’s health specialist and a primary care provider for people who identify as female or who were assigned female at birth. I provide annual exams, preventive screenings, holistic health maintenance, and treatment of some common health issues, and refer to specialists when indicated.

do you provide full scope midwifery care?

I will not be taking care of people during pregnancy, but truly support the midwifery model of care for people during all phases of life, and have great referrals for the childbearing year if you need it!

Can i bring a support person to my appointment?

Absolutely! I want you to feel comfortable, so bring anyone you desire.


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